Shareholder Benefits Programme

As a special thank you to our shareholders, we are pleased to offer new benefits to qualified Red Planet shareholders. This programme is designed to give current and prospective shareholders a full, authentic experience of Red Planet's functional, modern rooms and smart hotel technology at a lower price.

What is the shareholder benefit programme?

Red Planet Japan, Inc. offers discounted hotel stays of 10 to 30% to qualifying Red Planet shareholders. The shareholder discount is available for all stays at Red Planet hotels in Japan and overseas in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Your benefits increase as you invest in Red Planet. The membership level and discount offered to shareholders are based on the number of shares owned, details of which are provided below.

  • 500 - 2,500 shares (silver member): 10% discount on the best available rate on the Red Planet Hotels website and app.
  • 2,501 - 10,000 shares (gold member): 20% discount on the best available rate on the Red Planet Hotels website and app.
  • 10,001 shares and more (platinum member): 30% discount on the best available rate on the Red Planet Hotels website and app.

How do I qualify for the programme?

To be eligible for the benefit, you must be a current Red Planet shareholder who has held a minimum of 500 shares (five share units) of Red Planet Japan, Inc. (3350:JP) before either of the two semiannual distribution dates on 30 June or 31 December of each year. For those shareholders who are already eligible for the benefit, the discount continues to apply as long as they hold the minimum number of shares.

The Red Planet Hotels shareholder discount is available through a private shareholder code, and the details are mailed directly to shareholders together with the privilege card. Each code is valid for six months after receiving the letter.

If you would like to buy stock and invest in Red Planet and take advantage of these shareholder benefits, please contact investor relations for information about stock purchase and benefits programme.

For more information, please contact:

Yoshi Ikurumi
Group Chief Financial Officer
Red Planet Japan Inc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When do I receive the shareholder benefit?

Red Planet offers shareholder discounts twice a year for investors who hold shares on the two semiannual distribution dates in June and December.

For the first distribution, you should receive the shareholder privilege card and discount code in the first week of March. We plan to send the invitation letters in early September for the second distribution.

What Red Planet shareholders qualify for the shareholder benefit?

You must be a current Red Planet shareholder who owns a minimum of 500 shares of Red Planet Japan, Inc. (3350:JP) recorded in the shareholder register before the semiannual distribution dates.

Please note that to be a registered shareholder, you must purchase shares a few days before the last trading day of the month in June or December.

What shareholder benefits do I receive?

Shareholders will receive a 10-30% discount at all Red Planet hotels in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

What happens when my shareholder privilege card expires?

As long as you hold the minimum amount of 500 shares at silver level, 2,501 shares at gold level, or 10,001 shares at platinum level, you’ll continue to receive the shareholder privilege card with a new discount code twice every year.

I have not received a letter with a privilege card. What should I do?

If you own more than 500 shares of Red Planet Japan, Inc., but you have not received an invitation letter by mail in March or September, please contact investor relations for assistance.

How many times can I use the shareholder discount?

There is no limit on how many times you can use the shareholder discount within the period of validity. For each reservation, you can book up to five discounted rooms, as long as you check in to one of those rooms and complete the stay.

Is there anything else I should know about using the shareholder benefit?

We aim to make using the shareholder benefit as simple as making any hotel reservation. Please keep the following in mind when booking with the shareholder discount.

  • We ask that you make the reservation under the same name as displayed in the shareholder privilege card.
  • Guests staying at corporate, negotiated, or reduced rates are excluded from the shareholder benefit programme.
  • All reservations should be made on or the Red Planet Hotels app.
  • Please have your shareholder privilege card and a valid photo ID with you upon check-in.
  • Some blackout dates may apply due to seasonal periods and special events like the Summer Olympics
  • The shareholder benefits are personal and strictly non-transferable.

Shareholder benefits programme terms & conditions

“Red Planet Japan, Inc.” or “RPJ” means Kabushiki Kaisha Red Planet Japan, a Japanese company incorporated and registered in Japan as a Kabushiki Kaisha, and listed in JASDAQ (JASDAQ Code:3350).

The “shareholders” or “Red Planet shareholders” means an individual (not being a corporation or any other non-individual shareholders) holding the shares of RPJ and registered as a shareholder on the list of shareholders maintained by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (“SMTB”), the securities agent for RPJ. For avoidance of doubt, only individual registered as a shareholder on the register of shareholders maintained by SMTB is eligible to this programme (company, fund or any other non-individual shareholders are not eligible for the programme).

The “Shareholder Privilege Card” (“Card”) is card issued by RPJ to its shareholders who are eligible for the Red Planet shareholders programme.

A) The Card is:

  1. strictly non-transferable and cannot be used by any person other than the shareholder named on the card.
  2. valid for six (6) months from the date of issue. The expiry date is printed on the front of the card. Discount is applicable only for stays between the date of issue and the expiry date.
B) The Card and valid photo identification must be presented upon check-in to receive the applicable discount.

The qualification for the programme, membership level, discount offered to shareholders and the applicable terms and conditions are as published on the RPJ website from time to time and RPJ reserves the rights to change, suspend or terminate the whole or any part of the programme and applicable terms and conditions at any time by a notice published on its website, without incurring any responsibilities and liabilities in relation to such changes, suspension or termination to any shareholders.

The shareholders eligible for the programme and who use the programme or take advantage of any of the benefits available under the programme are, by their conducts, deemed to have agreed,

A) to the terms and conditions applicable to the programme and any changes or amendments to such terms and conditions to be made from time to time, and
B) to comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the programme.

A Shareholder must make a booking under his/her own name. A Shareholder may book up to 5 rooms per booking provided that the shareholder is one of the staying guests.

Discount is only applicable to reservation made via Red Planet’s website and mobile application.

Discount will apply to the room rate only and does not apply to any other charges like, breakfast, promotional material, etc.

Discount will not be available on certain dates (“lockout dates”) as determined by Red Planet Hotels from time to time. Shareholders acknowledge that Discount may not apply to certain special room rate that has already been discounted.